Two duplexes Building in Jaffa for sale  

Detached 2 duplexes house in the center of Ajami’s neighborhood in Jaffa which can be converted
into a single detached house with 3 parking places and a spacious roof.
The asset’s area is 685 Sqm, has a central air-conditioning and gas systems and only 400 meters
away from the seashore and other luxurious houses. Shopping centers and restaurants are nearby
and many more to come in the near future.
Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in Israel and is adjacent to Tel-Aviv as part of its jurisdiction. Jaffa in
contrary to Tel-Aviv comprises of diversified residents such as Christians, Muslims, Jews and more.
Jaffa is located along the seashores of Tel Aviv. Jaffa’s harbor has become well known for its trade
and commerce features, special markets and rich night life, the same as in Tel Aviv. Many commercial
centers are still being planned for Jaffa and its developing neighborhoods. The colorful oriental
markets are the vibe of the city and if someone wants to enjoy life, certainly, this is the place for it.
Additionally, Jaffa is the best opportunity for a proper investment. Jaffa has been highly developed by
the Israeli authorities and Tel Aviv municipality for promoting collaboration between all cultures and
especially between Muslims and Jews.
Investors can see and realize that some boroughs that had been reconstructed in the past 10 years
such as Neve-Tsedek and the Fleas Markets, worth up to 5 times more than what they were 10 years
It may take couple of years to exercise all municipal and governmental urban planning for Jaffa.
Therefore, we can compare similar assets whereas their worth was only US $ 2,500 per Sqm 10
years before and currently their worth is up to US $ 12,500 per Sqm. Ajami’s neighborhood worth is
still in the bottom and on its way up.